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Lexus LF-LC GT and Renault Alpine Vision GT headed for Gran Turismo 6

Feast your eyes on the Lexus LF-LC GT and the Renault Alpine Vision GT, two concept cars you will be able to download and drive like a nutter in Gran Turismo 6.

The Lexus LF-LC is a GT race car loosely based on the LF-LC coupe concept seen back at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show. We say loosely because this track-hugging monster has been designed with the Nurburgring 24 hour race and Super GT in mind.

Sadly the car is digital only and will be available as part of a free update to the game, but Lexus has been trying to conquer the real world of racing with its RC F GT500 in the Super GT 500 class, in which it nearly came out on top last year.

Lexus has said it plans to enter the RC F GT3 in the GT3 category, which means even more of a chance to see what a souped-up Lexus can do when at the hands of a professional and not someone at home sat in their underpants.

The Renault Alpine Vision GT, meanwhile, is part of a celebration of the French manufacturer’s 60th birthday. Beneath the crazy looks lies a 450hp engine capable of producing 580Nm of torque from a mere 2,000rpm. Just needs a windscreen and it’s good to go, presumably.

Renault says it is exploring the possibility of making the Alpine Vision GT a reality, which explains why it went to all the trouble of building a full-scale model. Until then, we will just have to take it for a digital spin when Gran Turismo 6 comes out on PlayStation 3 in the spring of 2015.

A number of manufacturers have used Gran Turismo 5 for revealing concept cars, including Toyota and its FT-1. The trend is most certainly going to continue in the latest installment of the racing game series, which started on the original PlayStation.

Check out when cars and video games collide.

Lexus LF-LC GT and Renault Alpine Vision GT pictures


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