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Lexus LF-NX Concept gets turbocharged petrol version

Hide your children and your spouses, regardless of gender; the super-aggressive Lexus LF-NX concept is headed for the Tokyo Motor Show, where it’s set to scare the living crap out of showgoers. In a good way.

Some of you might remember the Lexus LF-NX from the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, where it was introduced with a version of the Lexus Hybrid Drive system. The latst incarnation, set for the Tokyo Motor Show, will feature a slightly more conventional 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine.

If we saw this pulling up behind us we'd pull over. At full speed. Into the nearest ditch.
If we saw this pulling up behind us we’d pull over. At full speed. Into the nearest ditch.

Toyota has yet to reveal how this version will differ to the hybrid model, though it has said it’s designed to be environmentally efficient. If nothing else, it’ll at least be the cheaper of the two options.

The Lexus LF-NX is, ostensibly, a rival for common-or-garden mid-sized SUVs but it cuts a more aggressive dash – quite literally. It’s teeming with edges so sharp pedestrians that suffer the misfortune of being hit by one might rightfully be more concerned about being hackd to death than being bludgeoned or flattened by the thing.

Want some numbers? It’s 1,870mm long, 1,870mm wide and has a 1,620mm wheelbase, so it’s approximately as large as a BMW X3.

Lexus will hold a press conference at the Tokyo Motor Show on 20 November, which will lso be streamed live at

Stick around for more info and check out the pics below.

Lexus LF-NX Pictures


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