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Lexus RC F video panders to our inner geek

Bit of a geek at heart and love cars? The following Lexus RC F video is for you. ‘The Meter’ video posted on YouTube by Lexus International is a compelling montage of foot-to-the-floor engine notes, interior wizardry and digital dials.

The video is meant to showcase how the new Lexus saloon takes cues from aviation design, but we were too busy watching all those fancy displays measure things like cornering G-forces, rear spoiler height, lap times and torque distribution to really notice.

Supposedly the Lexus RC F’s¬†large diameter LCD display is ‘inspired by jet aircraft’, with the indicator size, position and fonts ‘meticulously designed for fast and efficient communication to the driver’. But that is irrelevant. All we care about is the fact it is up there with the Nissan GT-R for petrolhead nerd goodness.

The RC F will take on the BMW M4, which is a tall order. But rather than bring a knife to a gun party, Lexus has gone in armed to the teeth with a 5.0-litre V8 that develops 450bhp and 520Nm of torque. An M4 ‘only’ develops 425bhp. Ze German better watch out.

Pretend you’re working, hit play and enjoy that magnificent front grille in all of its glory.

Lexus RC F – The Meter video


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