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Listen to the incredible engine sound of this mystery new Lamborghini

They say see seeing is believing, but in this case you’ll have to make do with hearing. Lamborghini has hinted at a future announcement by releasing the engine note of a mystery machine.

To capitalise on the power of social networking Lamborghini is using a website called Hexagon Project, which plays you a few seconds of the engine starting up and revving. It then encourages you to share via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ or leave your email address to unlock details.

Sadly, at the time of writing, we’ve yet to receive more details, having left our deets. The teasing scoundrels.

“Listen to your instinct. Discover the roar of a new creature from Lamborghini. That will be just the beginning,” the website reads before the sound roars into life.

Apart from telling us in no uncertain terms the new Lambo will be loud and probably very powerful, there’s not a lot to go on. One theory, from Jalopnik, is that this is a soundbite of the new engine for the Cabrera, the car tipped to replace the Gallardo.

Meanwhile the guys and gals at AutoBlog believes this could be the engine destined for the Sesto Elemento production, track-only car, which would make a bit more sense on the face of it. The phrase means sixth element, which happens to be carbon on the periodic table. Still with us? Carbons have six protons which form hexagons. And what’s the website called? Now it makes sense.

We’re not entirely sure what to expect ─ bearing in mind the Sesto Elemento went on sale earlier this year in a run of 20 cars and we’ve seen spy shots of what looked like a slightly modified Gallardo. Maybe the Hexagon Project merely refers to the new carbon plastic material or a body shape?

Whatever the reasoning we know the Italian company has been working with Boeing on a plastic and carbon blend body for some time, so you can bet your house it will weigh less than your hatchback and go faster than you thought possible while looking utterly mental and costing a fortune. Typical Lambo, then.

We also know the last Gallardo, number 14,022, recently rolled off the production line. A replacement is as inevitable as the sun rising in the east.

Any thoughts on what it could be? Spill the beans below.


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