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Liverpool drivers have most penalty points in England and Wales

Residents of Liverpool are the worst drivers in England and Wales, it has been reported. A survey by cycling charity CTC, published in Auto Express magazine, revealed 12 per cent of the 433,425 licensed drivers in the northern city have at least one penalty point ─ that’s 52,179 drivers who have committed at least one misdemeanour.

Furthermore, 1,802 motorists have at least nine penalty points accumulated by speeding and committing other motoring offences.

Second to Liverpool was seaside town Bournemouth. 11.5 per cent of drivers in the area have penalty points. Blackburn, Slough and Dorchester scored 11 per cent, 10.9 per cent and 10.8 per cent, respectively.

Looking at the UK as a whole, Scotland actually came out as the worst offender. Of the 634,252 motorists in Glasgow, one in seven have at least one point on their licence, while Scottish towns Motherwell, Kilmarnock and Paisley managed to secure second, third and fourth place.

Before label Scottish people as bad drivers, CTC pointed out that such high numbers can be partly attributed to high levels of traffic policing.

Interestingly, the eastern central part of London came out as the best city for penalty points, with a mere 5.4 per cent of drivers guilty of offences. Truro came in second place with 5.6 per cent, joint with London western central.

The lowest number of points you can be given for a motoring offence is 2 and the most is 10, although certain cases can result in a driving ban regardless of whether you hit the 12 point automatic disqualification limit.

Penalty points are valid on your licence for three years, but can only be removed on their fourth anniversary. You’ll need to part with £20 for the privilege.

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