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Logitech Zerotouch smart car dashboard mount review

We review the Logitech Zerotouch dashboard mount, which uses your Android mobile to deliver smart car features such as voice-controlled navigation and message reply while driving.

We might not have flying vehicles just yet, despite Back To The Future’s promises, but at least you can bark commands at our car and order it to call the boss when we’re stuck in hideous traffic. That is, as long as you have a smart car sat on your drive.

Don’t worry if you haven’t splurged hundreds of pounds on some snazzy built-in dashboard computer, however. With the Logitech Zerotouch mount, you can turn basically any old banger into a ‘smart car’.

Inside the box you get the Zerotouch mount, which is basically a way of attaching your mobile phone to your car’s dashboard or air vent (depending on which model you splash out for). We tested the dashboard version, a chunk of foldable plastic with a strong, sticky suction cup at one end and a magnet at the other. Stick the cup end to your dash after giving it a quick clean and it’ll hold fast. You then need to add one of the two metal adapters to your trusty Android mobile.

One of the adapters is a metal disc that can be slipped inside a phone with a removable back cover. The other is a flattened version that sticks to the rear surface of your handset; not ideal if you don’t want to ruin your mobile’s aesthetics, but it won’t stick to the mount otherwise. Of course, this also means that if you change your handset, or you share your car with others, you might have to seek out more adapters.

With the adapter stuck in place, you simply download the Logitech Zerotouch app and then slap your phone onto the mount. The app helps to pair your mobile with the mount, at which point you can use the voice-controlled commands.

While driving, all you need to do is lift your palm in front of your phone, as if you’re trying to high-five it. The app is constantly monitoring for this gesture while your phone is mounted, and when detected it will listen for your order. You can quickly and easily open your preferred maps app to navigate somewhere, or call your other half, or even listen to and reply to any incoming messages, all with hands-free convenience.

The Logitech Zerotouch app seems to hear you clearly over the usual car noises, although you will need to turn down your music if you don’t want to confuse it. Even with my Northern accent, the app had no trouble working out what I wanted and following my wishes. Of course, you can’t have your messages read out while the sat nav is in operation, as they keep cancelling each other out. But in the Zerotouch’s settings you have complete control over what features are enabled, so you can disable any that you don’t want.

Using the app doesn’t drain your battery a significant amount either, as it pairs up using low-power Bluetooth.

For roughly fifty quid, the Zerotouch smart car mount is a handy way to keep your phone in sight and add voice commands to your vehicle. The need to add a metallic adapter to your mobile isn’t ideal, but the system works well and supports all of the features you’ll likely need on the road.


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