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Lotus C-01 motorbike is a carbon fibre beauty

Images allegedly of a Lotus motorbike concept have hit the internet.

British manufacturer Lotus is known for making some pretty radical cars. Now it has decided to give motorbikes a go, the first and possibly last of which has allegedly been revealed in official concept renderings obtained by Motorcycle News.

Motorcycle News claims the images come, “directly from the Lotus factory”, making these the first and only images of the motorbike in existence if real. Lotus announced plans to add a motorcycle to its line-up back in June 2013.

The Lotus C-01 appears to have a carbon fibre body covered head to toe in Lotus branding. Sizable disc brakes and what is allegedly a liquid-cooled V-twin engine from the KTM RC8R tuned to 200bhp will make it go and stop.

With such a hefty frame and that ridiculously wide lump of rubber at the back, the C-01 looks to be aimed at those who want a bike that cares more about straight line speed than nudging the apex. More poser than racer, if you will.

Lotus is yet to confirm whether the images are real and other details are non-existent. For now, we can only hope the actual C-01 bike will look this good in production form ─ assuming, of course, the project makes it that far.

Scroll on down to see the Lotus C-01 and let us know whether the two-wheeled machine embodies the brand, or if it seems like an awkward fit? We’ll let you decide.

Lotus C-01 image


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