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Lotus Exige 360 Cup is one rare British sports car

British car manufacturer Lotus has announced details of the Exige 360 Cup, a more powerful, limited edition version of the Exige V6 Cup.

Just 50 examples will be built, each one based on the Exige V6 Cup but with an extra 10PS, taking the 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine to 354.9bhp. Improvements to the forced induction and a sports exhaust are responsible for the increase.

That and its kerb weight of 1,130kg means a 0-62mph sprint of around 3.7 seconds, meaning Porsche 911s will need to watch out.

The Exige 360 Cup borrows the aerodynamic kit from the Exige V6 Cup so it has an aerodynamically optimised front splitter, rear diffuser and wing that create downforce of 42kg at 100mph.

Launch control, two-way adjustable suspension and a four-dynamic mode system (drive, sport, race and off) compliment new additions such as a new lightweight rear tailgate, uprated grooved disc brakes for improved braking, Motorsport Red wheels as well as embroidered seats and dash panel.

Optional extras include a new red Alcantara interior, adjustable anti-roll bars, Ohlins race dampers, fire extinguisher, FIA carbon seats, removable steering wheel and air-conditioning for keeping cool while tearing up the track.

The Exige 360 Cup starts from £62,995 and is on sale now. Check it out below and give Lotus a buzz if it floats your boat.

Lotus Exige 360 Cup pictures


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