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Lotus Exige LF1 celebrates Formula One heritage

Just 81 special edition Lotus Exige LF1 cars will be built.

Lotus is celebrating its Formula One racing heritage by releasing a super special edition version of its Exige S sports car. A mere 81 Exige LF1 cars will be built because that’s how many Grand Prix victories the British manufacturer has to its name, making this rarer than, well, a rare thing.

Each Exige LF1 comes with a plaque that denotes which one of the production run you own. You also get the Lotus-inspired black paintjob with 17-inch gold alloys at the front, 18-inch gold alloys at the rear and various red accents here and there such as the brake calipers and a go-faster stripe atop the car.

The Lotus Exige LF1 also comes with the ‘Dynamic Performance Management System’, Pirelli Pi-Zero Trofeo tyres and ‘Exige Race Pack’ as standard, all of which make it a more potent track weapon. The sane people among us can throw £300 at Lotus for heated seats and rear parking sensors. You big wuss.

A few other goodies help justify the price tag, including a replica of driver Roman Grosjean’s racing helmet, Lotus USB stick, two-person tour of the Lotus F1 team headquarters and a two-person tour of the Lotus production facility.

Lotus has left the 3.5-litre V6 VVT-i engine as you find it in the standard Exige S, which was probably wise. The 1,176kg track beast can do 0 to 62mph in 3.8 seconds, 0 to 100mph in less than 8.5 seconds and 170mph. Fast enough for you?

Orders are open now if you have a spare £62,900 lying around. Yes, this limited edition costs £10,000 more than a standard Exige S. In the meantime you can see in the following videos just how difficult it will be to get into your new purchase and whether you should buy one.

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