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Lotus Originals store to open in London’s Regent street, sells backgammon for £1,000

In order to be a top-flight sports car company, you have to sell more than just cars. You must also flog a varied and often bizarre assortment of often unrelated accessories to strengthen your brand.

The Lotus Originals store will sell you everything from a pair of shorts to backgammon.
The Lotus Originals store will sell you everything from a pair of shorts to backgammon.

Lotus knows knows this all too well, and will shortly open a Lotus Originals store on London’s Regent Street, where it intends to flog you all manner of branded merch.

The store, which will be located in a Grade II listed historic building at number 52 Regent Street, will sprawl across 4,800 square feet. Like the Lotus Originals store near the company’s HQ in Hethel, it will play host to a diverse collection of luxury apparel, luggage, gifts, toys and limited edition collectables aimed at ‘the fashion conscious, luxury-loving gentleman.” 

The company says it will go after those who want casual out-of-office wear. The store will include the typical assortment of Lotus F1 t-shirts, caps and rain jackets, which are available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, as well as a selection of more subtle merchandise that hasn’t got a thing to do with Formula 1.

Our favourite items so far include the gorgeous gold on black Racing T-shirt and the No.9 sweat jacket. The khaki or blue cotton burmuda shorts are less appealing, particularly as they cost a ridiculous £130 and don’t appear to have the word ‘Lotus’ anywhere on the exterior. For that sort of money we’d expect the Logo emblazoned across the entire crotch area. 

If clothes aren’t on your shopping list, you’ll find a good selection of accessories. These also vary quite wildly in price — from keyrings for £14 to Lotus-branded Backgammon sets for £968.

If you fancy showing your undying love for the Lotus brand, then head down to the company’s Regent Street store or visit the Lotus Originals Web site to peruse the company’s wares for yourself.


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