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Lucky escape for office worker as truck crashes through wall

Working in an office can be boring, with events like spilling your coffee or watching someone walk into the fax machine the most memorable. Sometimes, however, things can get very dangerous.

The following video, which is reportedly of a local business in Toledo of Brazil, shows a receptionist working (or watching YouTube cat videos, hard to tell) at her desk. She then appears to look out of the door and smile before returning to the task at hand.

At this point her day goes from typical to about as unlikely as winning the lottery twice. A truck is seen crashing through the wall at some speed, bringing with it a wave of debris that chases the lady as she makes a dash for it.

The driver of the runaway truck is then seen pointing behind him. Local reports claim the truck went was knocked off course after colliding with another vehicle. One theory is that he was pointing at the offending vehicle.

Lucky for all involved, no one’s time was up as the driver and 16 employees working at the office are all said to have escaped with minor injuries, which is presumably more than can be said of the truck.

Dramatic video shows Brazilian Woman Almost Being Killed


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