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Luxury ski lift features BMW 7 Series seats

Skiing typically involves falling over a lot, freezing your nethers off and, in extreme cases, the risk of dying alone under an avalanch. The Hochzillertal ski resort in Austria is trying to make the lives of skiiers and snowboarders a little more civilised, however, by offering a luxury ski lift decked out like the back of a BMW 7 Series.

This two-seater ski-lift is the height of luxury. Get it? Height? Never mind.
This two-seater ski-lift is the height of luxury. Get it? Height? Never mind.

The Sigma Diamond cars, designed by BMW Individual and ski lift maker Leitner, have all the luxuries you might need while being transported up a mountain. The seats, which are finished in Merino brown leather, are heated and have a massage function so you can warm and soothe your weary buttocks before and after a long session of falling over a lot in the snow. 

If you’re bored with the panoramic views out of the Sigma Diamond’s windows, you can run your fingers along the alcantara head lining or sip champagne from a flute in one of the two cup holders. Once you’re sozzled, you might want to have a fiddle with the multimedia entertainment system, which is controlled by the same iDrive knob you get in all modern BMWs. This gives you access to music, videos, Internet and most crucially, Twitter and Facebook so you can share your glamorous life with the rest of the world.

Obviously none of this comes cheap. You’ll have to fork over 190 euro for a ride, though the price also includes ‘VIP parking’, brunch, a bottle of bubbly and of course a ride in the gondola. Head over to the Hochzillertal web site for more info.

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