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Majority of M25 cameras switched off

Only a small stretch of the M25 is covered by operational speed cameras, report claims.

A report in the Sunday People newspaper claims only a small portion of speed cameras along the M25 are actually switched on. The only operational cameras reside along a short 3.2-mile stretch of the 117-mile orbital motorway around London, located between junction 2 and 3 in Kent.

The M25 speed cameras have actually been non-operational since they were first put up behind overhead signs used to impose temporary speed restrictions back in 2009.

Problems with the speed cameras include a lack of approval for the evidence they gather to be used in court and the responsibility of who should monitor them changing from one police force to another.

“It’s poor that it’s gone on for so long,” Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety executive director David Davies told the Sunday People. “It’s also a waste of money. The National Audit Office should have a look at this.”

A Highways Agency spokesman explained to the Daily Mail: “Sections of the M25 where mandatory speed limits are displayed in red rings have continued to work effectively to reduce congestion and smooth traffic flow, and have operated well without fixed camera enforcement.

“We are working with Surrey Police, who are taking responsibility between junctions 10 and 16, to resume enforcement. The speed limits are enforceable by the police and the cameras will be operational by summer 2014.”

The Highways Agency added that average speed cameras used near roadworks along Britain’s busiest motorway are enforced.

A speeding offence now carries a fine of £100 and three points after law changes in 2013.

Are non-operational speed cameras a monumental waste of money or is the mere sight of a speed camera warning enough stop people speeding? Let us know.


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