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Make the old Tesla Model S look like the new one

A tuning company has announced a way to make the old Tesla Model S look rather like the new one, if you are happy to front up the money.

Unplugged Performance is a Tesla-based tuning company based in Southern California that offers the ‘refreshing new face’ for the old Model S, which swaps the signature black nose cone for the more aerodynamically-friendly solid version.

Priced from US$2,995 (with a US$500 discount available until before the 1st of July 2016, the ‘Refresh Fascia’ features the front bumper that includes an integrated front spoiler, giving any Model S built between 2012 and May 2016 the face of the, erm, facelifted Model S.

Okay, so it’s worth pointing out the new bumper is only very close to the original and not an exact replica, but Unplugged Performance has been making Tesla parts since 2013 so you should be in good hands.

It was, in fact, the first tuning company to focus entirely on Elon Musk’s flagship electric car.

Unplugged Performance co-founder and CEO Ben Schaffer said: “For our Refresh Fascia we began with Tesla’s newest design language as a foundation and worked to elevate it into an even more distinguished design.

“To satisfy our fans, making an uninspired Tesla copy and calling it a day was simply not an option.

“As a producer of special version Tesla vehicles and upgrades, we aspire for every client to have the pride of owning cars that stand apart at the supercharger rather than simply aspiring to fit in.”

The kit can be reserved now for US$300 and worldwide shipping is available. Shipments are expected to begin by the end of the summer 2016.

Tesla recently announced a new entry-level Model S that makes it cheaper than ever to buy one, although it is still hardly what you would describe as affordable. But then it is one incredible machine, as we found out after a week with the ridiculously fast P90D variant.


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