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Man builds car almost entirely out of wood

Most hobbies generally involve something pedestrian like gardening, stamp collecting or home brewing beer. But one Hungarian man has gone against the grain and built a car made almost entirely from wood.

Istvan Puskas built this car almost entirely from wood.
Istvan Puskas built this car almost entirely from wood.

Agricultural worker Istvan Puskas of Tiszaors, Hungary, built his retro motor during the winter months between the farming seasons in his workshop.

Certain parts of the car – such as the Perspex windscreen and the Fiat 126 engine – had to be made from more suitable materials, but the frame, wheels, axles, gearbox and even the (now highly flammable) gas tank are made from mother nature’s preferred building material.

“I love to work with wood,” Mr Puskas told The Telegraph. “And I like to create unique things which attract interest from people. My aim was to make it out of wood as much as possible. A wooden car must be made from wood!”

While even the most complicated AirFix models can be knocked up in a matter of weeks, the wooden car was far more time consuming. “I started to work on it at Christmas and it took me four months to finish it. This kept me busy during the winter time,” he said.

Despite the contraption being unfit for use on the public roads, local police have obviously realised Mr Puskas will never break the speed limit so they allow him to travel out and about with his wife around the local lanes.

Not content with his current project, Mr Puskas has already expressed an interest in creating a three-wheeled vehicle ─ made from something completely unsuitable, no doubt.

While you could follow in his footsteps and take up wooden car making for a pastime, the tree car is up for grabs. “Most probably I will sell it,” Mr Puskas concluded. “I have no place to store it. I have no garage, I have nothing. It can be good for a collector, for somebody who likes nostalgia, for somebody who likes to drive slowly.”

Amazingly, wood has been used to create a number of cars in the past including the British-built Marcos Xylon, various Morgans and the Chrysler Town & Country.

Source and image: Telegraph 


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