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Man builds F1 road-legal F1 car

Back in January we reported on a man who had built an entire F1 car in his shed. Now a bloke has built one you can actually drive – and it’s road legal.

Russ Bost’s bonkers creation is capable of 0 to 62mph in 3.5 seconds and an estimated top speed of 130mph. It’s not quite up there with its track-only cousins, granted, but it’s still ridiculously fast.

The project came about when Mr Bost wanted a new car, but nothing on the road took his fancy so he set about creating his dream car from scratch.

His contraption, which includes number plates and a tax disc so it can be used on UK roads without upsetting the police, uses a 190bhp Kawasaki ZZR1400 engine. It can accommodate a driver and one passenger – if you remove the airbox – and enough luggage for a camping trip.

“I’ve driven down to Le Mans in one with a passenger and our camping gear,” Bost told the BBC.

With strict compliance laws to meet, Mr Bost’s F1 runaround is, unsurprisingly, more road friendly than a real F1 car. Its doesn’t use slick tyres, its suspension is compliant enough to soak up bumps from potholes and it uses a conventional 6-speed sequental gearbox.

Mr Bost says the reaction he gets is a mixture of bewilderment and confusion. “You get a lot of reaction,” he said. “You can usually work out what they are saying by watching their lips. It is usually ‘what the heck?’.”

Fancy owning one for yourself? Mr Bost will happily sell you one via his company, Furore.

His Red Bull Vettel-inspired creation can be yours for £28,495, while the equally powerful Ferrari variant will set you back £28,495. A basic chassis kit can also be bought for a lot less if you want to do the work yourself.


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