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Elderly man carries on smoking his pipe after driving into a lake

Driving into a river would cause most people to scream, shout and panic, but then not everyone is like this particular man.

The West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) was called to a farm in Loxley in Warwickshire at around 14:50 on Tuesday to rescue a man said to be in his 80s who had accidentally driven into a lake.

The unnamed driver, who was there for a spot of fishing, was so calm during the event the paramedics who attended the scene found him sitting in the car, nonchalantly smoking his pipe.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesperson commented: “The man who is in his eighties had gone to the farm to fish in its lake. After his car ended up in the water, he smoked his pipe and chatted to the farmer who went into the lake in his waders. Firefighters carried him from his car back onto land.”

Luckily for the old-timer, he got away unscathed (minus the lung and throat damage from smoking, of course), which is perhaps more than can be said for his now very soggy Ford.

“He wasn’t hurt or even cold but ambulance crews removed his clothing to ensure he didn’t get cold and he was driven home in the ambulance,” the spokesperson added.

An advanced community paramedic, paramedic area support officer and an ambulance crew attended the scene. It is unclear whether the man will be fishing anytime soon.


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