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Man crashes into police car while injecting heroin

Criminals never fail to surprise us. Whether they’re being crushed to death by their own enormous weed stash or, like 32-year-old Ronald Caplina, driving into the back of a police car while injecting themselves with heroin.

Mr Caplina had been driving at around 40mph when he was taken by the sudden urge to shoot up. Unsurprisingly, he lost control of his vehicle and piled into the back of the marked police cruiser while the officer was parked on the side of the road monitoring traffic.

Caplina (again unsurprisingly) hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt, was injured in the accident. The Slidell police officer, who also suffered minor injuries, said he saw Caplina look back up at the road for a moment before the crash, but too late to take avoiding action.

Immediately after the crash, the police officer questioned Caplina about his driving, but the suspect was unable to provide a good explanation as to what distracted him from the road. The officer later discovered a blood-stained needle containing what was suspected to be heroin, and fresh injection marks on Caplina’s arm.

Caplina was charged with careless operation of a vehicle, driving while suspended and without a seatbelt, and possession of a schedule 1 narcotic and drug paraphernalia.

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