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Man denies doing 111mph in 30mph zone

A Welsh man denies speeding charge despite driving at more than four times the speed limit.

A 24-year-old man from Wales has denied charges he was driving dangerously at 111mph in a 30mph zone. Sean O’Grady appeared in Caernarfon Crown Court this week after police caught him doing almost four times the limit in his Porsche 911 Turbo. 

The Menai Bridge where the speed limit drops from 40mph to 30mph.
The Menai Bridge where the speed limit drops from 40mph to 30mph.

Police charged O’Grady with dangerous driving based on speed alone. Despite the accusations, the driver is contesting the charge.

The incident allegedly happened last December one Sunday afternoon on the A5 in North Wales — a 260-mile motorway that runs from London to Holyhead in the north-west of Wales. O’Grady was caught on the Menai Bridge, which has a 30mph restriction.

One officer told the court that he caught O’Grady in the high performance sports car on a hand-held radar gun. It read 111mph at the time of the incident. A device in the police vehicle, which recorded 111.74mph, later verified this reading. O’Grady was reported to be overtaking two cars at the same time. A modern Porsche 911 Turbo can acceleerate from 0-62mph in just over 3 seconds and has a top speed of over 190mph.

O’Grady seemed pretty relaxed about the whole incident, sporting jogger bottoms and a t-shirt while in the dock. The judge presiding adjourned the court and the case will now go to trial. Though evidence against O’Grady may be strong, the police are under strict regulation when it comes to catching motorists speeding by hand-held gun. 


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