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Man narrowly escapes injury in selfie stick video fail

Another day, another bout of selfie stupidity. This time it’s the turn of Alex Lopatnyuk, who ended up nearly losing his head after taking his eyes off the road in a moment of vanity.

The video – bravely published on YouTube by Lopatnyuk himself – shows him cruising along in his Jeep off-roader while hanging out the window trying to video himself using a selfie stick.

The next thing you see is the Jeep approach a pick-up truck that had slowed down and a second later the canoe being carried on the back smashes through the windscreen all-too close to Lopatnyuk’s head.

Sympathy for the incident has been, shall we say, thin on the ground. One YouTuber rather bluntly said: “That’s what you get when you’re a grown f****** man acting like a teenage girl.”

Another was similarly unimpressed: “A few inches down and that canoe would have gone through his skull. A driving selfie – what a stupid thing to do and almost lose your life for. Try it on the highway next time.”

Luckily no one was injured, which is more than can be said of the now shattered windscreen. Suffice to say, this Final Destination-esque crash could have ended in tragedy and is a perfect reminder why driving requires all of your attention.

The selfie-stick fan had been gator hunting, according to the video, which has been watched 30,000 times since it was uploaded on the 8th of September, 2015.

This is just one of many instances of a selfie causing harm. An American who was attempting to take one ended up injuring four of the seven passengers in his car after losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a tree.

Pull over safely and take a selfie if you really have to, kids, or it might be the last you ever take.

Jeep GoPro selfie fail and aftermath video


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