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Man part-exchanges testicle for Nissan 370Z

While some of us say we would give our right testicle to own the car of our dreams, one man from the US actually plans to do so. Las Vegas resident Mark Parisi announced the ballsy decision, which will see one of his testicles used for medical science in exchange for US$35,000, on American TV show The Doctors. That puts the price of manhood at about £21,667.

Balls to not being able to afford a Nissan.
Balls to not being able to afford a Nissan.

When jokingly asked on the show about how you decide what a testicle is worth, Parisi said: “It was a standard fee they were offering and I wanted to buy a new Nissan 370Z.”

Before you think Mr Parisi is one testicle short of a, well, you get the idea, you should know he’s partaken in a number of medical trials before, earning himself a slot on the TLC network show Extreme Cheapskates.

One study he wanted to do involved his heart being stopped for one minute while doctors feed him oxygen. This used to pay US$25,000 before it was stopped by the US Food and Drug Administration — presumably for being incredibly dangerous.

Another trial, which he has already undergone, involved the deadly Ebola virus. Not even animals had been a part of this particular test, so we’re surprised Parisi only got US$5,000 to take part.

If accepted into the testicle trial, which it seems he has been, Mr Parisi will see his real testicle exchanged for an artificial one ─ so that’s at least some good news if there’s a Mrs Parisi in the picture.

The Nissan 370Z is a rear-wheel drive, two-seater sports car with a punchy V6 engine.

Would you part-exchange your man hood for a deposit on a car you’ve always wanted? Do you really need two testicles? Let us know. All we can say is, we hope he’s at least going for the Nismo model.



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