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Man uses Rubik’s Cube magic trick to escape speeding ticket

The boys in blue have probably heard every excuse under the sun as to why you were speeding, so save yourself the hassle and learn a magic track instead. You may have more luck, like magician Steven Brundage.

The sleight of hand master was pulled over for doing 42 in a 30mph zone while on the way back from a corporate event at Michael’s Restaurant in New York. Brundage told the cop – who had noticed loads of playing cards in the back of the car and had suspected he was a Poker player – to show him a trick.

To begin with, Brundage tells the two cops who filmed the event on a phone he can solve a Rubik’s Cube. The cops say to beat it in 15 seconds, which he overlaps by five seconds.

Impressive stuff, seeing as most people are unable to solve the cube puzzle at all. But Brundage then says he can do it in one second. We won’t spoil the surprise but suffice to say, the cops were so impressed they never issued that speeding ticket.

The video has since been viewed on YouTube more than 1.8 million times and has lead to Brundage appearing on the news worldwide.

Brundage said of his viral success on Reddit: “One of my dreams for the past few years has been getting the chance to go on National TV! I am overwhelmed and excited at the support I’ve gotten! Keep sharing, liking, and even send the everyone possible!”

One YouTube commenter was, however, less impressed by the trick (or just being sarcastic): “This is clearly fake propaganda by the government to trick us into thinking policemen are human. They are not. Who’s filming this video? The police? Why would they film themselves doing speeding tickets? Seems awfully suspicious,” he said. Just no pleasing some people, huh.

Government conspiracy video or not, watch the video and prepare to be amazed. Then wish you had spent more time with that magic set you were given as a kid.


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