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Man who built paper Formula One car lands job at Red Bull

If you only watch one video of an intricate paper F1 car comprised 6,500 individual pieces today, make it this one.

Think you’re a dab hand at making paper models? Think again. A YouTube video has surfaced online of a man, known only as Paul, who spends his time creating intricate models out of paper that are as impressive as the real thing.

A replica of the RB7 Red Bull Infiniti Formula One car made from 6,500 (yes, 6,500) individual parts is shown throughout the short film. From the steering wheel and carbon fibre seats to the rear wing and engine components, everything you see has been cut, folded and assembled with surgical precision.

Paul explains in the video how this particular paper model of the 40 he has built actually changed his life. Red Bull Infiniti, upon seeing his talent in action, decided to give him a full-time job.

Paul now spends his days creating new part designs for the RB 10 formula one car and fine-tuning cars before a race as part of the Red Bull Infiniti Racing team. He has, in short, turned a love of creating paper models into a profession that requires him to design actual car parts using computer software.

While the majority of the paper RB 10 is made from paper, other materials had to be employed such as Christmas present ribbon for the seat straps. Talk about attention to detail.

The video is obviously a great bit of marketing for Red Bull, but Paul’s talent is undeniable. Anyone who can take a hobby they have been mocked for and turn it into a dream job gets a thumbs up from life.

The video’s director, David Betteridge, is an ‘award winning international video director, cinematographer and editor’. His previous clients include Nokia, Coca Cola and British Airways. Check out the video below.

Paper Dreams ─ a story by David Betteridge video


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