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Man who interrupted race in girlfriend’s car faces charges

A 21-year-old who thought it was a good idea to join in on a race in his girlfriend’s VW Polo faces charges for causing a public nuisance, it has been reported.

Jack Cottle from Tonbridge in Kent managed to get on the circuit during a Fun Cup race with his girlfriend and friend in the car. The smartphone footage captured by his friend in the back was later posted online.

Herbie springs to mind
Herbie springs to mind

Even though his girlfriend is clearly unimpressed with the prank, Cottle presses onwards, managing to make it around a few corners before heading back to the pit. “Jack, if you care about me, please just stop, I don’t like it. You’re going to crash my car,” she said. Nobody was hurt.

Modified VW race cars can be seen flying past the Polo in the YouTube video, which quickly went viral. Cottle was subsequently arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment. He will appear in court to be sentenced on September 22nd, a police spokesperson said. 

Some YouTube viewers said the young driver’s actions were reckless and dangerous. Others have questioned how he was able to sneak through the paddock and onto the track without intervention. A minority, some of which witnessed the event first-hand, said it was amusing and a bit of fun.

Responding to criticism, Cottle told the Daily Mail online: “People are blowing it of all proportion. It was something out of the ordinary. You only live once and I live every day like it’s my last. Now I’m getting slated for being different.” 

A motorsport commentator who witnessed the event said: “Why is there a Volkswagen Golf on the track? I know these are VW Beetles, but that’s not quite right, is it?” 

Watch the view of the lap from inside Cottle’s car (filmed in portrait – who does that?) – complete with his girlfriend screaming at him – and the reaction of the motorsport commentator below.

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