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Mars Rover draws a penis on red planet

Men can be a bit childish sometimes, but that juvenile streak isn’t limited to low IQ-having Joe Bloggs. Some of the greatest minds in the world revealed even they are partial to a bit of peurile humour when Nasa staff, tasked with controlling the Mars Exploration Rover, used the space car to draw a penis on the surface of Mars.

The six-wheeled US$2.5 billion Mars Exploration Rover is designed to go about the surface of the red planet looking for signs of alien life – you know, sensible stuff – but not today. Suffice to say, man’s glorious immaturity has been cemented on an unprecedented and inter-planetary scale.

It’s not clear whether the NASA scientists and engineers drew the gentleman’s sausage inadvertantly, whether they did it to blow off some steam, or whether this is part of some Top Gear-esque publicity stunt, but there’s no disputing the outcome: a cock. On mars. Our greatest achievement. For all the universe to see.

The phallus photo was originally posted on Reddit alongside the rather brilliant caption: “Mars Rover = $800m. Team to operate = $1bn. Drawing a penis on the surface of another planet: priceless.”

Once out in the wild, Nasa’s servers soon struggled to cope with the sheer demand of eager Reddit-goers who wanted to have a gander. Keen to please the masses (or embrace the embarrassment), NASA responded by uploading a higher resolution image, suggesting the space pioneer was aware of the joke. It has, however, yet to comment officially.

The image is on NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory website, so we at least know the source of the picture. Whether it was Photoshopped for a joke, though, it’s difficult to say. All we know is…. penis.

Image: NASA 


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