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Maverick flying car crashes into tree

Flying cars may seem the stuff of science fiction, but they are very much on their way to our roads and skies. It’s hardly surprisign then, that one has already suffered an embarassing crash.

This Maverick flying car crash landed in a tree after its pilot, Ray Siebring, attempted to make a fairly ordinary landing at an airport in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. Unfortunately for Ray, the Maverick suddenly decided it would take a sharp left turn into three rapidly descending spirals.

By the time Siebring managed to correct the spiraling, he was rapidly running out of sky. His only option was to ditch the thing in a school field, although he overshot this slightly, ploughed through some fencing and ended up in a tree. Both Siebring and his passenger escaped serious injury, if not significant embarassment.

The Maverick is essentially a buggy strapped to a large parachute. It is propelled by a large carbon fibre rear prop attached to a 128hp engine and was designed for use in rain forests or by people who need an aereal perspective on rough terrain. The Maverick was granted experimental status by the FAA in 2010.

Would you drive or fly one? Can you imagine a day when our skies are filled with cars that also fly? Are you terrified by the prospect? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: The Globe & Mail


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