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Maybach brand consigned to scrap heap

Mercedes has consigned its Maybach brand to the giant scrap heap in the sky. Having tried and failed to compete with Rolls-Royce and Bentley, the company has decided it will now target luxury customers using its own range of cars.

Say goodbye to the Maybach.
Say goodbye to the Maybach.

The result will be a new Mercedes S-Class saloon, with the S600 Pullman version offering “Maybach-rivalling” levels of comfort and opulence. It may not scream “the people inside me are so rich they wipe their bottoms with $100 bills” but it should be pretty slick, and let’s not forget the Maybach was based on the S-Class chassis anyway.

Those of you who still yearn for the iconic Maybach brand (rappers, shieks, people enamored with the fact Maybach was originally responsible for producing engines found in a number of Nazi-era German tanks etc.) will have to head to the classifieds. There you should be able to pick up a Maybach 62, which retailed new for £340,000, for around £150,000. The slightly cheaper Maybach 57 can be had for somewhere in the region of £80,000.

That’s still quite a lot of money, but at least the epic £300+ per day depreciation that haunted the Maybach might come to an end now they’ll become a rarity. We might even see Maybachs become collectors items, so perhaps now’s the best time to invest.

Maybach originally started in 1909 as an aircraft engine company, founded by Wilhelm Maybach and his son Karl. Mercedes-Benz bought the company in 1960. May it rest in peace.

Source: Cars UK 


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