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Mayor drives car into Tesco Express supermarket

Tesco Express supermarkets are a great way of grabbing a quick, convenient bit of shopping; you pop in, grab your grub, then pop out. Yet access to the store in Lawson Place, Moreton Hall clearly wasn’t convenient enough for the town’s mayor, who managed to drive his car straight through the front door.

Police were called to the Tesco Express to discover Councillor Terry Buckle’s Vauxhall Vectra parked in the doorway of the store on the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds. Witnesses believe Mayor Buckle got his accelerator and brake pedals mixed up, as he accelerated, instead of decelerating into a disabled parking space outside the front door.

As luck, or just plain old circumstance, would have it, the store’s automatic doors opened, allowing him to drive into the building.

A spokesperson for Tesco Express confirmed the incident, saying no customers or staff were injured in the accident.

The East of England Ambulance Service arrived promptly on the scene and took the Mayor to hospital as a precaution, although his main injury appears to be his pride.

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