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McLaren 12C GT Can-Am Edition pictures show a track-day monster

For many, McLaren is British through and through, but the Woking-based car maker has significant ties with the Canadian-American motorsport cup, having developed several cars for the series. In a nod to that phase in its history, McLaren has confirmed it will produce 30 special edition, track-only versions of its MP4-12C Can-Am Edition racer.

McLaren will make 30 examples of the 12C Can-Am Edition.
McLaren will make 30 examples of the 12C Can-Am Edition.

The MP4-12C Can-Am, first unveiled at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance earlier this summer, pays tribute to Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme, who raced a series of McLaren cars in the Can-Am series. It will be based on the standard 12C, but will feature a number of mods that make it more suitable for live on track.

Its V8 engine will produce a massive 630hp, 28bhp more than the standard 2013 car. More importantly, the 12C GT Can-Am Edition has a significantly upgraded aero package. That giant ironing board wing on the back helps provide a whopping 30 per cent increase in downforce, helping the car push its Pirelli racing tyres into the tarmac more effectively.

The Can-Am GT Edition comes with just about everything you need to go racing. It’s fitted with an FIA-approved race-spec rollcage, racing seats with six-point harnesses and the same McLaren GT steering wheel that featured on the 12C GT3 racing car, which itself is inspired by McLaren’s MP4-24 F1 car.

Andrew Kirkaldy, Managing Director of McLaren GT said: “The 12C Can-Am Edition concept shown at Pebble Beach earlier this year was purely that, a one-off design study. However, the reaction and response following the unveil was remarkable. It is a real testament to the performance and results of the McLaren GT customer teams this year, still only in the debut competitive season, that there is such a strong demand for this type of track-day special.”

30 examples of the 12C GT Can-Am Edition will be built, and each will cost £375,000. Production begins in March 2013.


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