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McLaren 12C randomly catches fire, Gemballa GT Spyder shows it’s the new hotness

A man suffered minor injuries when his rented McLaren MP4-12C supercar suddenly burst into flames while cruising through Tottenham in London.

The unidentified male driver was able to exit the car, but received minor burns in the process. The 12C was less fortunate, burning to an almost unrecognisable husk of smouldering metal.
A witness in the Tottenham Hale area of North London told The Sun: “I thought it was a movie stunt. It just burst into flames.”

Exactly why the 205mph McLaren 12C supercar and its 592bhp V8 caught fire is currently being investigated by the British car manufacturer’s engineers at its technology centre in Woking.
McLaren has acknowledged the issue but is yet to release an explanation. “We are treating the situation very seriously and are working closely with the insurance company in question to get to the bottom of it,” a spokesman said. “Safety is of top priority at the moment, so we have the vehicle back at our technology centre where it is being examined by experts.”

“We cannot comment on any findings at this time,” he added.

The McLaren 12C isn’t the first supercar to be plagued by random ‘burn outs’. Fisker’s electric Karma proved a little too hot to handle, as did the Ferrari 458 Italia. A special adhesive used to glue the wheel arch lining and heat shield at the back of the Italian stallion was unable to cope with the heat generated by its engine and, with enough hooning, was prone to the odd spontaneous combustion.

In related 12C news, German firm Gemballa has applied its magic to the McLaren supercar to create the Gemballa GT Spyder. For €19,980 (£17,020), the company will fit new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, tailpipes, a re-skinned interior in leather and Alcantara in a colour of your choice and dashboard gauges to match. The results are fairly spectacular.

Shell out an additional €7,980 (£6,797) excluding VAT and you can roll around bigger wheels — 20-inch at the front and 21-inch GForged-one wheels at the back in either black, a gun metal grey of a colour of your choosing.

Gemballa will ship the kit around the world so you’ve no reason not to splash out. Unless you’re the guy that owned that smokin’ 12C, in which case you’ll probably have to wait for your insurance company to pay out first.

Source: The Sun


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