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McLaren MP4-12C seized by police following collision with cyclist

A £170,000 Mclaren MP4-12C was seized by police after its driver collided with a cyclist and was found to be uninsured. 

McLaren MP4-12C can go 0-60mph in just 3 seconds
McLaren MP4-12C can go 0-60mph in just 3 seconds

The driver of the McLaren, which can go from 0-60mph in three seconds, collided with the 41-year-old cyclist in Old Street in central London last week. The cyclist was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. The driver will be punished because he did not have the appropriate insurance. 

The story comes in the midst of police announcing a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to dangerous drivers and cyclists after a sixth cyclist died on the streets of London in just 14 days. 

The McLaren MP4-12C driver, meanwhile, isn’t alone in having his exotic car seized from him. Last month, a Lamborghini Aventador, worth £400,000, was seized and towed away by police after they found that its driver’s insurance policy did not cover him behind its wheel.

It appears that people owning them may be unaware they require extra insurance to drive one. Police in Islington said that the McLaren was seized as the driver, a 63-year-old man, “wasn’t insured to drive”, but “no arrests were made”. 

Who do you think is to blame for the rising injuries and deaths of cyclists on the roads? Let us know by dropping a comment below. 


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