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McLaren race-tuned 12C Can-Am Edition concept is lighter, faster, better

If the bog standard McLaren MP4-12C is too slow for your tastes, then fret not. McLaren has announced it will be revealing a race version of its near-iconic supercar.

The Can-Am version of the 12C features 30 per cent more downforce than the standard car.
The Can-Am version of the 12C features 30 per cent more downforce than the standard car.

Known as the 12C Can-AM Edition, McLaren will be showing off the concept at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance weekend. This track-only beast is best described as a 12C on methamphetamine-laced steroids.

While the Can-Am Edition comprises the same carbon fibre MonoCell body, McLaren says it will weigh 1,200kg — a saving of 199kg over the current model — and the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 will see a performance boost from 592bhp up to around 630hp, making it the most powerful 12C derivative yet.

Those changes alone should stick you to the back of your seat with every application of the go pedal, but McLaren isn’t done yet. Thanks to all that F1 expertise, downforce has been increased by 30 per cent and just about everything that could be made from carbon fibre now is. Carbon fibre splitter, diffuser, wing and dive planes – it’s all going to be very expensive to replace if you run out of talent mid-corner.

To cope with all that extra speed you will be carrying, assuming you are even brave enough to go near the accelerator, an Akebono braking system has been added. Considering the ‘standard’ 12C model can go from 124mph to zero in just five seconds, the stopping-power is likely going to be even more mind-blowing.

Don’t expect much in the way of luxury when it comes to the cockpit. Apart from yet more carbon fibre on the dash and sill panels, just two black race seats and a rollcage make up the diet-obsessed interior. There is an “integrated air conditioning system” to keep you cool but that’s as far as comfort goes.

Painted in McLaren orange and satin black, the 12C Can-Am Edition concept looks positively menacing, and based on the wealth of carbon and upgraded engine parts, it’ll probably be a menace to your wallet. That is, if it ever makes it over to the UK — according to the McLaren the car is currently only destined for North American shores.

Enjoy some pics below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

It's also littered with carbon fibre.
It’s also littered with carbon fibre.


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