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McLaren worker ends up impaled after 650S crash

McLaren 650S crash resulted in employee being impaled on a wooden fencepost.

With great power comes great responsibility and rarely is that more true than when at the wheel of a high-performance supercar like the McLaren 650S. Unfortunately for one of McLaren’s own employees, the British supercar revealed why these dream machines should be respected.

The unnamed McLaren employee was driving the 650S back to the factory in Woking in Surrey when it flipped and rolled into a nearby field, which led to the driver being impaled on a wooden fencepost. The crash occurred at around 4:15pm on Friday the 20th of June at on the A285 at Duncton Hill in West Sussex.

The Daily Mail report claims the fencepost was sticking out of the driver’s chest when he was rushed to St George’s hospital in London in an air ambulance. Police are calling for anyone who witnessed the event to come forward.

A McLaren spokesman told the Daily Mail newspaper: “The car was being driven by a McLaren employee on its way back to Woking. We are working closely with the police trying to find out how the crash happened.

“There are a limited number of employees who are permitted to drive our cars. They have to pass an intensive driving course before they are permitted to drive. This man did exceptionally well on our course and had been driving our cars for a long time. Out of respect for his family we have been asked not to discuss his condition.”

The McLaren 650S is powered by a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 that outputs 641bhp (650PS) and 678Nm (500lb/ft) of torque. 0 to 62mph takes three seconds, while 0 to 124mph takes 8.3 seconds. The top speed is 207mph.

It is unclear how fast the employee was going at the time of the crash. We’re thinking speed definitely played a role considering the forces need to roll a car, but a mechanical or electrical malfunction could be to blame, not necessarily driver error.

A McLaren 650S Coupe starts from £195,250, while the 650S Spider starts from £215,250. It is the 12C‘s successor and is positioned below the P1 hybrid hypercar.

Only last year Fast & Furious star Paul Walker died while being taken for a spin in a Porsche Carrera GT.