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Meet the bus that’s also a transparent LCD display

A bus that displays moving videos ads on its side? What kind of sorcery is this?

Buses are great for carrying people on the cheap, and they also double up nicely for the purposes of advertising. But at the moment they’re generally only capable of displaying static images of ads — unless this particular mode of public transport becomes a reality.

The ‘Willie’ bus (insert joke here) is the work of designer Tad Orlowski. He decided that the conventional bus was a bit, well, conventional so he came up with his own creation that replaces the typical metal outside of a bus with transparent LCD screens that can display video.

“The city bus can be transformed into a mobile billboard displaying advertisements or film clips in the most attractive parts of town or provide passengers with additional information and entertainment such as route plans, weather reports, press and TV coverage as well as tourist information presented at bus stops in an eye-catching way,” Tad Orlowski commented.

We can see marketing teams licking their fingers at the prospect of playing video on a moving bus through busy town centres and bus operators are probably keen as well. Right up until drivers get so distracted watching the latest Chanel advert they drive into the back of another car.

Driver distraction issue aside, the bus itself looks great, particularly the strange rear lights that cover the back, curvy mirrors and bold alloy wheels. We also can’t help but feel the information on the door is clever, as that would save you the hassle of getting on a bus to find out if it goes where you want it to.

Part of the design is meant to “create a sense of serenity and peacefulness”, which sounds good to us. Although the lack of windows might be a bit worrying for people riding onboard.

As with all concepts, don’t expect to see the LCD bus anytime soon. But you can at least marvel at what might be by watching the YouTube video above.


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