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Meet the Fast & Frugal modified BMW i3

The BMW i3 already stands out, thanks to its quirky styling, all-electric powertrain and black, white and blue paintjob. But what if you want to really get noticed. Japanese tuning company Eve.Ryn has you covered.

Ignoring all the effort made by BMW to keep the kerb weight to a healthy minimum, this particular i3 features a front bumper so lairy even Vin Diesel would be afraid. Between the pointless air vents lies a bit of carbon fibre.

At the back is another redesigned bumper with even more carbon fibre. Then there are stylish 20-inch alloys wrapped in wide tyres that will no doubt eat into the i3’s 80 to 100 mile range (184 miles with the range extender), thanks to increased rolling resistance. Flared arches complete the Fast & Frugal motor. 

Eve.Ryn has dubbed its creation the BMW EVO i3, the ‘evo’ bit presumably taken from the word ‘revolting’. We love the i3 and the idea of a tuned-up version would go down a treat, but maybe a slightly more subtle approach would suit? 

No word on production so you may have to stick with your standard-looking i3 for the time being. Keep on scrolling down if you’re feeling brave.

BMW EVO i3 pictures


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