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Meet the McLaren 570S

McLaren has unveiled the 570S, a baby 650S that has the Mercedes-AMG GT, Audi R8 and Porsche 911 in its sights and is the first model from the new Sports Series.

Underneath the hood is a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 that outputs 570PS, hence the name, and 443lb/ft (600Nm) of torque. This allows the British sports car to accelerate from 0 to 62mph in 3.2 seconds and from 0 to 124mph in 9.5 seconds ─ only nine-tenths of a second slower than its 650S sibling.

Meanwhile the top speed of the 570S is 204mph, 3mph shy of the 650S, and the power to weight ratio is 434PS per tonne. A seven-speed SSG transmission send power through the rear wheels, while carbon ceramic brakes do their best to slow it down. Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres sit on each corner.

Besides looking like it means business, the two-seater’s shape is said to provide downforce and create additional cooling for the mid-mounted V8, 30 per cent of which features components unique to the car. A fixed rear spoiler and bespoke airflow optimisations also play a role.

A unique carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis is meant to make it easier to get in and out, helping emphasise the focus on making the 570S more of a daily driver and ‘the most usable McLaren to date’. It also has the added benefit of keeping the dry weight down to 1,313kg.

Like with the 670S supercar and P1 hybrid hypercar, the 570S is said to be fairly economical considering it will leave most cars for dust. 25.5mpg is claimed, while the CO2 emissions are a respectable 258g/km.

Three driving modes let the driver test how brave they are. Normal is said to be ‘a refined yet engaging ride’, while ‘Sport’ and ‘Track’ make it better at handling a chicane than a pothole, thanks to independent adaptive dampers in combination with front and rear anti-roll bars.

Inside are leather seats (a sports option is available), a leather steering wheel, various cubby holes to store things, DAB digital radio with Bluetooth and a McLaren Audio four-speaker system, in case the V8 soundtrack isn’t enough. A bespoke Bowers & Wilkins system can be specified at your expense.

The Sports Series sits below the Super Sport Series comprised the 650S, 625S and 675LT, which in turn is below the category occupied by the P1 and P1 GTR.

Some commentators argue the 570S is too similar to the 650S and could be seen as a poor man’s 650S in the same way a Porsche Cayman and Boxster is seen as a poor man’s 911. But given this is going to be a cheaper proposition (by how much is unclear, admittedly), it might open the door to McLaren for those with shallower pockets. Who is going to argue with that?

The McLaren 570S was announced ahead of its public debut at the New York International Auto Show on the 1st of April, 2015. A Spider convertible version is likely. Check out the pictures beneath these very words.

A worthy addition to the McLaren stable or just a bit safe? Let us know.

McLaren 570S pictures


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