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Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom hires Nurburgring, races Kimi Raikkonen

There aren’t many things on this planet that money can’t buy. Just ask Kim Dotcom, founder of Megaupload, who recently published a video demonstrating exactly this.

Before he was arrested in a stunning dawn raid, the man behind the illicit file sharing site had a little car-related fun with a few of his buddies at one of the most famous race tracks in the world — the Nurburgring.

When you're rich, you can do whatever you want. Before you're arrested, that is.
When you’re rich, you can do whatever you want. Before you’re arrested, that is.

Dotcom shipped three highly modified Mercedes-Benz CLK DTMs from his own collectionin New Zealand, with the custom number plates “Good”, “And” and “Evil”. The “And” car, was driven by his business partner Finn Batato. Kim, rather fittingly, drove the “Evil” car, which left the “Good” car to be driven by none other than current Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkonen. Wait, what?

To make sure the moment was captured sufficiently, Kim hired around 100 support staff, set up 30 cameras and used two camera cars. Oh, and he also hired a pair of helicopters. And a plane. And produced his own soundtrack — a NSFW techno track that drowns out all those delectable engine notes and, we’re pretty sure, parts of your soul.

The video simulates one full lap of the Nurburgring Norschleife, but according to Kim’s YouTube channel, it took 20 laps to get all the footage necessary. Obviously, Kim himself ‘won’ the race, with Raikkonen bringing up the rear — although we’re pretty sure some cash was exchanged to guarantee this outcome.

The video we see on Kim Dotcom’s YouTube channel isn’t the final edit. Unfortunately, that footage was seized by the FBI during the infamous Megaupload raid, so instead, we’ve had to make do with a semi-raw version that contains “a few problems and no colour correction”.

It’s still mighty impressive though — not necessarily because the driving, but because it demonstrates just how ridiculously wealthy Kim Dotcom became off the back of Megaupload.

Have a look at the video for yourself, but be warned, the music is terrible (and contains swearing). Let us know how you feel about it on our Facebook wall.


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