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Mercedes Vision G-Code concept is a mobile solar panel

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a compact concept that uses every energy efficiency trick in the book. It packs one hell of a gadget punch, too, including seats that know how well you are.

The Mercedes Vision G-Code sports utility coupe (SUC) features silver ‘multi-voltaic’ paint that lets the entire body harness energy from the sun. Not only that, the paintjob is said to be ‘charged electrostatically’ by the wind when the vehicle is at a standstill.

The suspension, meanwhile, uses the rebound of the springs and dampers to make hydraulic fluid flow, which in turn powers a compact generator. All of that compliments a hybrid powertrain that can alternate between four and two-wheel drive as and when it sees fit.

Compact is a fair description as the Vision G-Code measures just 4.1 metres long, making it shorter than the Mercedes GLA. There are four seats, however, but 2+2 arrangement means rear legroom is probably limited. 

It features 21-inch aluminium wheels with carbon fibre spokes, full-LED headlights with daytime running lamps, a rear LED strip that combines the brakes lights, indicators and tail lights into one and plenty of ground clearance in case you go off the beaten track. 

Inside is a clever air conditioning system that ionises the air so it’s ‘free of allergens and particulate matter’ and seats that can detect your ‘wellness’ using 3D scanners and adjust accordingly. Depending on, say, whether you are in pain or tired, the seats can heat up, give you a massage or cool down. 

Other gizmos include system that monitors the surroundings using a 360-degree camera, infrared, radar and GPS map data, a steering wheel that folds out like a butterfly and head-up display. Oh, and that crazy holographic grille that changes colour based on the driving mode.

The Vision G-Code was unveiled at its new Beijing research and development centre and is known as a ‘study from Asia for Asia’.

Like with most concept cars, it is too early to tell whether the Vision G-Code will become a smaller sibling for the GLA crossover. But there’s no doubt some of the futuristic technology will filter down into its higher priced models like the next S-Class.

Mercedes Vision G-Code pictures