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Mexican Ron RXX and R7 promise high-speed kicks

The good folk of Mexico have been busting out sports cars for some time now. We’ve seen the Mastrettas, Vuhls, and now we can add a pair of new cars – the RXX and R7 from RON Automóviles de Mexico – to that growing list.

RON claims the RXX is a street-legal racer that will provide F1-style thrills to those brave enough to hop behind the wheel. The company says it will be released in three guises; RXX, RXX-S, and RXX-R, all with different finishes, equipment and power levels.

Not much else is known about the car. RON has yet to reveal any specifications, so all we have to go on is the fact it it houses two occupants in pillion formation and looks a bit like an Ariel Atom crossed with a BAC Mono mixed with a large lobster. All three of those things are pretty tasty though, so here’s hoping the RXX and its faster variants live up to the hype.

The RON R7, its sister car, is slightly less bonkers. Not only is it based on the same chassis as the Lotus 7, it’s also styled to resemble the UK classic and will likely feature many of the same elements that made the 7 such an icon.

We’ll have more on both RON models as we get it.

RON RXX Pictures



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