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MG to supply MG6 cars to Jamaican Olympics stars

American and Jamaican track athletes are amongst the fastest in the world but when it comes to getting about even they need a set of wheels. Luckily for Usain Bolt and co., MG has supplied a fleet of cars that will help the Olympic hopefuls commute to and from their training base.

Usain Bolt and co. will be ferried around in MG6 GTs.
Usain Bolt and co. will be ferried around in MG6 GTs.

MG has loaned its MG6 GT fastback and MG6 Magnette sports saloons to Jamaican stars Bolt, Yohan Blake and Asafa Powell, all of whom are are based at the University of Birmingham’s Monrow Sports Centre will. Their US rivals, based at the city’s Alexander sStadium in Perry Barr, will also get some MG loving.

The MG6 GT fastback and Magnette aren’t the obvious choice of car for sprint stars. We imagine they’d have been quite disappointed being ushered into a fleet of garishly coloured MGs with national flags plastered all over them, but they do have their virtues. They’re massive things with acres of space to carry training equipment and lots of cubbies for Usain Bolt to stash all those empty packets of Chicken Nuggets.

Gary Egan, MG’s Senior Operations Manager, said: “We are very proud to support both the Jamaican and American training camps. The MG6 cars will swallow all their kit bags with ease and the cars will help them get around Birmingham in comfort and style.”

If you fancy getting a glimpse of the cars for yourself, or better still the athletes, both the Americans and Jamaicans will attend a special service at St Philip’s Cathedral on July 21 and there will be a civic reception at the Council House on July 22.


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