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Michael Schumacher not responding to stimuli, and ‘hit by lung infection’

Michael Schumacher is not responding to “deliberate stimuli”, has only shown reflex twitches, and has now contracted a lung infection, according to reports.

Michael Schumacher is not responding “deliberate stimuli”, and has only shown reflex twitches since being in a coma after a skiing accident last December. The seven time Formula One World Champion has also been hit by a lung infection. Over the past two weeks, doctors have attempted to bring Schumacher out of his coma, but to no avail. 

The report, from the German daily ‘Bild-Zeitung’, says that Schumacher’s wife Corinna is following the doctors’ advice by regularly talking to her husband, which may help his condition. 

According to the ‘Bild-Zeitung’, Ross Brawn, who worked with Schumacher during his successful Ferrari era, has visited Schumacher regularly. 

Very little information on Schumacher’s condition is being given to the media, but last week, the hospital had to deny rumours spreading across social networking sites that Schumacher had died.

Despite the racing driver being in a coma for six weeks now, top neurosurgeon Dr. Munther Sabarini said that Schumacher’s brain cells will be “working together like a Formula One team”. He also said that because of his age and fitness, Schumacher has a better chance of recovery. 

Dr. Sabarini added: “So if a driver shows weakness, then another driver takes over under the new situation. So it is with the brain cells. You can support brain function with a lot of resources so the healing process is accelerated and cause as little damage as possible.”

He continued: “Typically high-ending bodily functions are shut down during a coma. Only after awakening can they be enabled again. The vital signs are observed and corrected. It is then up to the doctors to do a great deal; physiotherapy, mental care, treatment of new or old diseases.” 

Dr Sabarini also stressed that after awakening, it may take the coma patient a few months to a few years to fully recover and overcome physical changes. 


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