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Micro Machines on iOS is a blast from the past

The incredibly popular Micro Machines video game is back, this time on the not-so-micro screen of the iPhone and iPad.

Micro Machines is the Codemasters classic that earned itself a generation of NES and Mega Drive gamers who fell in love with racing on dining tables in minuature cars based on the Hot Wheels toys.

The iOS version of Micro Machines is largely similar, in that you are required to come first in a race while avoiding the weapons of other racers and negotiating household obstacles such as food processors, billiard balls and spillages. 

Except here the game is free to download and, like most free games, has in-app purchases to try and make you part with some cash.

Luckily you can still aim to collect 60 different cars and upgrade your vehicles as part of three different game modes, including a battle arena, without having to dig deep. And even if progress is slower, you can still enjoy the manic racer’s hectic action.

It is worth noting Micro Machines is developed by the same developer as Toybox Turbos, which is largely the same game. Looks like it is hoping the nostalgia of 90s gamers will help attract more downloads.

You can use this link to download Micro Machines on iOS. No word on an Android or Windows Phone version. Probably worth a look, especially if you are tired of the Pokemon Go server issues.

Video: Micro Machines on iOS


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