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Mirai is the lowest roadworthy car in the world

Here’s a surefire way to decapitate yourself in a car accident: Pupils and teachers at a Japanese high school have created the lowest roadworthy car on the planet. The Mirai, which stands for ‘future’ in Japanese, measures just 17.79 inches tall, meaning you could bypass traffic by driving underneath it. Just mind you don’t get your head lopped off.

The Mirai is just 17 inches high.
The Mirai is just 17 inches high.

The toy-like Mirai’s chassis, bodywork, suspension, steering, lights etc. were built by engineering teachers and students on the automobile engineering course at Okayam Sanyo High School in Asakuchi, Japan. The propulsion components – batteries and an electric motor – were sourced from CQ Motors.

The students, aged between 15 and 18 years of age, opted for an electric powertrain because they wanted the car to be environmentally friendly. It’s no slouch, though. The Mirai is able to keep up with traffic and, if pushed, isn’t too shy of a bit of hooning. However getting behind the wheel of the miniature marvel is not for the faint hearted. It offers almost zero protection in the event of crash so when the team takes it for a spin it has to be accompanied by escort vehicles at the front and rear.

“It can be frightening to drive Mirai on a big street, especially when the speed goes over 40km/h because the road is very close to the driver’s eye point,” said Harada Kazunari, principal at the Okayama Sanyo school. “Also, you can feel afraid that you will be run over by other cars.”

You can see the dinky Mirai in action by clicking play on the video below. Would you dare drive one? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: WSJ



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