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‘Missile’ attacks on motorists double

Next time you drive under a motorway bridge, spare a thought for the thousands of motorists who suffer ‘missile’ attacks at the hands of criminal thugs. An Autoglass Freedom of Information request has revealed the number of recorded incidents of motorists pelted with potentially fatal projectiles, such as bottles, bricks and metal, more than doubled in 2012 to 1,021.

The true extent of the problem is feared to be far worse than the number suggests, as many incidents are thought to go unreported. Drivers who encounter near-miss missile attacks, or attacks in which there is little or no damage are believed to brush their encounter under the carpet, dismissing the incident as a prank.

Matthew Mycock, managing director of Autoglass, was rather less forgiving, commenting: “What may seem a prank to some yobs is likely to result in tragedy and must be stopped.”

“Our customers tell us about a wide range of problems they face on the roads each day,but this is by far the most distressing.”

The study showed that three-quarters of the incidents reported resulted in arrests, which is a surprisingly high rate of success. If you’re ever the victim of such an attack then it’s certainly worth putting in a call to the authorities. You may take a criminal off the street and save a life while you’re at it.


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