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Mobile pavilion concept is a gazebo on wheels

Concept car designers take their inspiration from a multitude of sources — nature, science fiction, the hallucinogenic effects of illicit substances. Designer Sean Seongjun Ko has gone one better than most however — his inspiration for an Inner City Vehicle was a gazebo.

It's an electric gazebo on wheels!
It’s an electric gazebo on wheels!

Alright so it’s not inspired by just any gazebo, but rather a pavilion — a free-standing structure whose primary function is to provide shelter for the very rich. Ko envisions the car being used for short journeys around city streets. You can almost imagine royalty riding around in this thing, throwing pennies at the homeless as they wave to the proletariat.

The interior design is particularly impressive. Unlike most cars, whose seats face the direction of travel, the pews in the mobile pavilion car face each other, which gives the potential for a more intimate travelling experience. The seat surfaces themselves are formed of curved segments, which look jolly uncomfortable and are bound to swallow up all your lose change, but they’re undeniably beautiful.

Ko explains: “The interior design of the vehicle takes inspiration from wavy and sliced sculptures. Each sliced part has different curves and combination of these parts creates different forms, which allow different sitting positions and application of various materials.”

Sean believes the ideal power source for such a vehicle is electricity. Rather than ordinary battery-electric technology, he’s opted for a hydrogen fuel cell (in his imagination, of course — let’s not forget this thing is just a concept). This should give it silent operation, a long-ish driving range and zero carbon emissions.

You may have noticed the Mobile Pavilion Car has no steering wheel. That’s because it’ll supposedly drive autonomously without any input from those onboard. It’s a slightly unnerving thought, but if you can get your head around that, you’ll probably not mind the lack of seatbelts, or the fact there’s nowhere to keep your valuables when you park.

It’s odd beyond believe but we look forward to a future where cars as beautiful are the Mobile Pavilion Car are the norm. Take a closer look at it in the pictures below and let us know how you feel about it in the comments.

Via: Yankodesign



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