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Modified Honda CBR clocks 265mph to become one of the fastest motorbikes ever

We don’t often talk about bikes on this site, but every now and then a crotch rocket piques our interest enough to put finger to keyboard. The latest to do so is a heavily-modified Honda CBR1000, which propelled its rider at a scarcely believable 265mph.

If you see this next to you at the lights, don't bother, you'll only embarrass yourself.
If you see this next to you at the lights, don’t bother, you’ll only embarrass yourself.

This astonishing feat was achieved by Al Lamb, who rode his 400hp Honda CBR1000 across a mile-long stretch at the Bonneville salt flats. He was clocked entering the mile at a Veyron-frightening 264.647mph and exiting it at 265.795mph. If independently ratified, it would mark a speed record for bike on which you sit pretty much upright.

There are faster two-wheeled contraptions, of course. Bill Warner rode a heavily modified Suzuki Hayabusa on an airstrip at over 311mph last year, but that was achieved over a 1.5-mile-long air strip and the bike in question was fully streamlined with almost no part of the rider exposed.

Al Lamb said: “It’s you, the salt and your bike. It’s a boy and his dog on race fuel. It’s riding the rocket. When you’re on a run it’s a mixture of anxiety, adrenaline rush, pure excitement and hyper sensitivity. It’s total concentration. 400Hp wide open on about 10sq inch of tyre contact.” We’re guessing being a tiny bit insane also has something to do with it.

Obviously, you’d never catch us doing this sort of stunt in a million years, but we can admire it from a distance. The entire feat was filmed and the resulting footage is fairly spectacular. Watch for yourself below and let us know whether you’d risk life going this fast on something without a single airbag.

Al Lamb’s 265MPH Bonneville Run – *AMA/ FIM Fastest Motorcycle In The World – Sit On (Average Record Speed 263mph) 2012 from COLORFULgrey Zach Settewongse on Vimeo.


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