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Mono EV is a transforming electric car

Most modern cars are full of compromises. Some are small and agile, able to nip in and out of traffic at will, while others are large, offer lots of storage and are stable at speed. Very few, if any, provide the best of both worlds – until now, perhaps.

Behold, chums, the Mono EV, a design concept from Heesang Ahn that lets you have your cake and eat it. Like a transforming robot, the Mono EV can adapt its stance on a whim. Its wheels turn 90 degrees and push up against the chassis in one smooth, incredibly cool transition. The result is a car that goes from being sports car low and wide to city runabout tall and thin at the press of a button.

The Mono EV is unquestionably versatile. Tight spaces you would normally ignore in all but a Smart Car, scooter or motorbike suddenly become feasible. And unlike many tiny city cars, it should boast improved stability at speed. Getting in and out looks easy, too, thanks to a front-opening door.

The Mono EV concept is powered by batteries, so driving long distances will be out of the question, but at least it won’t emit any nasty CO2.

There are a few problems inherent with its design, chief among which is the lack of a rear seat. However, with a few tweaks, there’s no reason the Mono couldn’t be tweaked to include a pillion-style pew just behind the driver’s seat, ala Renault Twizy. Alternatively, we imagine passengers could ride about while curled in the foetal position inside the wheel compartments.

The Mono EV is merely a design concept and will probably never be made, but it’s worth looking at, we think you’ll agree. Transform, roll out and take a look at the pictures below.

Source: Yanko Design 



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