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Most under 25s admit to being nervous drivers

Young motorists may look confident behind the wheel but the vast majority of them are secretly terrified of driving, a Swinton Insurance survey suggests. The study, carried out among 2,000 motorists under the age of 25, found around two thirds of youngsters are neverous of everyday tasks like driving in the dark or dealing with roundabouts.

The survey revealed the 25 biggest driving fears of under 25s. The top four most petrifying were driving in fog, driving in freezing conditions, driving in snow and driving on the motorway. Worryingly, parallel parking was the fifth biggest fear, just ahead of driving in city centres, driving in the rain and driving in the dark.

In other words, it would appear youngsters approach any sort of driving in any conditions you can possibly imagine with some amount of trepidation.

Worryingly, the report found the typical young driver had three near misses since passing their test, possibly as a result of their trepidation and inexperience on the road.

Despite their obvious fears, many under 25s aren’t doing much to make their lives easier. 42 per cent of the youth surveyed said they talk on their mobile phone whilst driving, 67 per cent admitted to playing music too loudly, 44 per cent said they cruised around ‘aimlessly’ and 26 per cent said they don’t wear seat belts.

Steve Chelton of Swinton said: “It’s understandable that young drivers are nervous about certain situations on the roads. However in most cases the more you drive, the more experience on the roads you will gain and as a result confidence grows.

”Driving can be daunting,” he continued. “So it’s only natural that it takes a while to overcome weather conditions, new roads, driving at night or having passengers in the car. Additional driving courses and qualifications can be a great way to build confidence and in some cases can even reduce the premium.”

Top 25 biggest driving fears

1. Driving in snow
2. Driving in freezing conditions
3. Driving in fog
4. Motorway driving
5. Parallel parking
6. Roads you don’t know
7. Driving in city centres
8. Driving in the rain
9. Over taking lorries
10. Driving on country roads
11. Over taking
12. Narrow streets
13. Heavily congested roads
14. Driving in the dark
15. Parking in car parks
16. Roads with potholes
17. Large traffic light controlled roundabouts
18. Double mini roundabouts
19. Driving with your parents
20. Driving without Sat Nav
21. Driving on dual carriageways
22. Driving with passengers
23. Driving with your boss
24. Driving on your own
25. Roads with speed bumps

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