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Motorcyclist brake checks car, pays the price

Motorcyclists and car drivers have an fiery relationship at the best of times, and the uneasy peace between the two factions can boil over all too easy, as this Russian dash cam video proves.

The action starts with the driver of the car seemingly minding his own business, innocently listening to rap music as he cruises down a motorway. A few seconds later, a yellow sports bike overtakes, pulls into the car’s lane and slows to within a car’s length of the vehicle as the pair approach traffic.

The biker then looks over his shoulder and gestures to the man in the car as if he wants him to slow down and give him space – despite there being several hundred metres of open road ahead of them. The driver, quite rightly we think, ignores his requests and continues at the same pace.

The incensed biker, eager to prove some sort of point, accelerates quickly before brake checking the car, slowing down rapidly in an attempt to force the driver to do the same. The man in the car, presumably unphased by the fact he’s in a very sturdy metal box on wheels, refuses to budge and the two make contact.

The impact mangles the rear of the bike, and the rider loses control, high-siding the thing before being thrown to the floor. The driver, still with his hip-hop blaring, stops the car and checks for any damage – on his car.


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