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Motorcyclist misses one horse, hits another

A motorcyclist misses collision with a horse, only to hit another later in the day.

A motorcyclist allegedly hit a horse on the road, shortly after narrowly missing a collision with another. Cristina Baraitarus was riding her motorcycle when a horse reared on a Romanian country road. The female rider narrowly avoided the horse, capturing the footage on her helmet-mounted camera. She then revealed, via the comments section of her YouTube video, that she later collided with another horse later in the day.

In the video, which can be seen below, Baraitarus appears to be following another motorcyclist at a claimed speed of 80kmh. Something spooks the animal, causing it to rear out of its lane and into Baraitarus’ path, leaving her a sliver of room to swerve onto the grass verge. Shaken, she slows and eventually stops to reflect on the neaer miss. The whole incident is over in a couple of seconds.

Baraitarus has been criticised for not complying with the speed limit on a country road. The speed limit for the road is, according to some commenters on YouTube, 50kph, but Baraitarus claims she was travelling at  80kph (49.7mph). The motorcyclist has conceded to her Youtube audience that her speed was excessive, but has clarified that the horse and cart was not meant to be on that type of road.

Footage of her later accident with a second horse has not been published.


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